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Transform your insights without breaking the bank!

The Logverz self-serve data platform is yours, free of charge.

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Our licensing fees are exclusively for closed-source development.

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Enhance your applications and digital environment with in-built Logverz functionality

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Development licence

If you want to tweak Logverz to create something extraordinary that adds value to your own cool apps without publishing it back to the Logverz community, then the Development licence is for you!

It gives you the green light to modify the code and add some serious value to your own technology landscape.

Leaders in today's digital landscape understand the imperative of staying ahead. Imagine a future where your organisation not only keeps pace but leads the change in innovation and efficiency.

With our development licence, you're not just gaining access to a suite of capabilities; you're unlocking a powerhouse of transformation.

How will Logverz assist in elevating your organisation to new heights of innovation and resilience? 

Would you like to provide your customers with robust analytics and reporting capabilities to enhance your product or application?


Unlock your application's potential overnight with our development license! Seamlessly integrate that extra spark as a module and watch your capabilities soar.

Can your organization benefit from real-time analytics for informed decision-making?

With Logverz, raw data becomes a strategic asset, fuelling your organisation's success.

In a world where security is paramount, isn't instant forensic reporting not a luxury but a necessity?


Logverz equips you with the ability to detect and respond to threats swiftly, protecting your most valuable assets.

Don't settle for the status quo.

Reach out today and join us on this journey to build a future-ready ecosystem that defines industry standards and sparks envy among competitors.

Request a Development Licence Quote

Please note that the development licence fee starts from US$ 12,000 (for up to 100 end users) and is defined based on the number of end users who will have access to the Logverz-powered functionality.

Purpose of developmet

Thanks! We'll respond to your quote request shortly. 

Enjoy the benefits of the free public licence in the meantime.

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